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This site is for people interested in helping to reduce light pollution — defined as nighttime lighting that is unshielded, excessive, or unnecessary, resulting in glare, trespass, energy waste, or skyglow.

By eliminating light pollution, we can conserve energy, increase safety and security, maintain our desirable community character, safeguard our wildlife in their natural environment, and restore our view of the starry night sky. See: www.darksky.org

Action ALERT 2016

New York City DOT (Department of Transportation) is installing LED streetlights and park lights throughout the City. The harsh, white glare of these streetlights is the subject of an increasing number of complaints from residents living in the neighborhoods where they are being installed. Articles about these complaints have appeared in several publications, such as the New York Times, New York Magazine, the New York Post, the Gothamist, and neighborhood newspapers. In response to similar complaints, several cities, such as Davis, California, have required a reduction in the Kelvin rating of their streetlights.

Good news: There is a simple solution. We can mobilize support for City Council bill 0822-2015 which mandates a maximum rating of 3000 Kelvin for all NYC LED streetlights. This is the color temperature rating recommended in a June 2016 American Medical Association (AMA) report.



LED streetlight in Brooklyn

Please call your City Council member (link below) and ask them to sign onto the legislation, Bill 822-2015, as a co-sponsor. When 34 Council Members sign on, there will be a hearing. And, please send this website to your friends, neighbors, and anyone you know in the City that is concerned about light pollution.

Check here to see if they have signed on before calling, and for the text: http://tinyurl.com/jafchfr.

Find City Council Members by your address: http://council.nyc.gov/html/members/members.shtml

IMPORTANT: Please call your Council Member to ask that they sign on as co-sponsor to bill 822-2015 or to thank them if they have. Try to speak to the Council Member or their Legislative Director.

Please forward this message to your friends and neighbors who live, visit, and work in the City.

Supporting documentation distributed to each Council Member about the bill:

LED streetlight seen from inside

LED streetlight seen from inside

  1. Letter to Council Members (pdf)
  2. Five Main Reasons for Supporting the City Council Legislation (pdf)
  3. Davis Ca LED Streetlight retrofit report (pdf)
  4. Davis Ca LED Streetlight essay (pdf)
  5. Letter to the Mayor of New York City (Community Board 4) (pdf)
  6. AMA Press Release on LED streetlights (pdf)
  7. Appalling Facts
  8. Popular Myths
  9. Value of Dark Skies (pdf)
  10. New York Times Op Ed (pdf)