Reasons to support the City Council bill

Here are the five main reasons for supporting the City Council bill:

1. Negative impacts on public health:

LED lights with 4000 Kelvin-plus ratings are high in blue light waves which have been shown to have negative impacts on night vision and human eye health, and, as well, disrupt circadian rhythms linked to sleep disturbances and ill health.

2. Negative impacts on the environment:

LEDs high in Kelvin contribute to light pollution by increasing skyglow and deteriorating our view of the stars. This 2015 WNYC report describes how LED lights can also undermine key ecosystems:

3. Precedents:

Several states and municipalities have proposed or enacted legislation to reduce the color temperature of their LED street lights to 3000 or 2700 Kelvin. See this article about how the 4000 Kelvin-plus LEDs installed in Davis, California were changed to LEDs with a Kelvin rating of 2700 in response to citizen complaints:

4. Any reduction in efficiency is minimal:

A 2700 Kelvin rating compared with a 4000 or more Kelvin rating currently may only result in a less than 10% reduction in energy efficiencies. Even so, according to NYC’s greenhouse gas inventories, streetlights and traffic signals are typically only responsible for 0.2% of NYC’s greenhouse gas emissions.

5. Cost effectiveness:

When purchased in sufficient quantities, the price for streetlights with a Kelvin rating of 2700 is comparable to that of streetlights with a Kelvin rating of 4000 or more.